Conditions of sale and delivery

Conditions of sale and delivery


This website allows visitors to check our products. The prices and the possibility of buying through it is reserved for visitors who have previously registered and Detumando, SL has authorized. Once a record is received, Detumando, SL checks with the available means that this record belongs to a self-employed or company. Detumando, SL could ask this user to prove that he is a self-employed person or company. Once verified that condition, through the web, the visitor will be authorized. From that moment, when you identify yourself on our website, the prices of the products will be visible to him, you can add to the shopping cart the products you want and take orders.

Just as if a telephone sale were, the forms of payment will be the usual:

Pre-shipment transfer.
Domiciliation bank.
Post-shipment address.
Against reimbursement
As a novelty is added the possibility of paying by credit card.
Regular customers will be respected the payment method used in previous orders. New customers will only be allowed to pay by direct debit, cash on delivery and by credit card.

Some forms of payment may occasionally benefit from discounts at the discretion of Detumando, SL and non-permanent.


Shipments will be made every working day. As a general rule, orders arriving in Detumando, SL in the morning, will be delivered on the same day. Those arriving at Detumando, SL in the afternoon, will be sent the next day. Detumando, SL will always try to do everything possible so that all orders come in the day, regardless of when they arrive.

Shipping methods are by courier via SEUR or MRW. (24 hour service)